Schools for Troubled Boys

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school for troubled boys

What Are Schools for Troubled Boys?

Schools for troubled boys are different academic programs that provide a traditional education, but also work as behavior modification programs.  There are different kinds of schools for troubled boys and the majority of them are boarding schools where students live on-campus during the school year and will return home on holidays and during the summer.  Some of the schools are military academies that use military-style physical training and strict discipline to prepare kids for a branch of the military.  Not all students go on to join a branch of the military, but it is a good behavior modification program for disrespectful young men.  Other types of schools include wilderness programs, college prep schools, religious academies, and other art and career focused boarding schools.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing a School for a Troubled Child?

Schools for troubled boys can offer a lot of benefits for kids that are struggling academically and behaviorally.  Many students show significant signs of improvement from just being removed from their current environment and poor influences.  Some kids lack structure and discipline or consequence in their homes or parents are busy working and trying to provide for their families so they cannot be with their children 24/7.  Boarding schools are a safe and productive alternative for kids that would be unsupervised and left to fill their time unwisely.  Another benefit of schools for troubled boys is the different skills that they can learn from living on campus.  Troubled adolescents learn how to be responsible, self-disciplined, and how to prioritize their time.  The quality of education in boarding school is usually much greater than public schools.  Class sizes are smaller and students, in general, receive a better education.

What Are The Downsides of Schools for Troubled Boys?

The different schools for troubled boys can have a few downsides to them, though.  For one, the schools offer behavioral modification as part of the program, but the kind of modification they provide only works on kids with minor behavioral problems.  Severely struggling kids that face major challenges like: drug use, depression, mood disorders, violent tempers, or eating disorders are not going to receive the kind of help that they need.  Teenagers go through a lot of issues just from being adolescent’s, when they face more important challenges that put them at risk of more destructive or damaging behavior, they really need therapeutic interventions that can help them resolve the underlying causes for their problems.  Boarding schools are not the place to find the kind of emotional and behavioral help that many adolescent’s need.

Is There a Better Solution Than Schools for Troubled Boys?

There are several alternative programs for destructive boys, but the best kind of troubled youth programs are our highly recommended residential treatment centers, or our top notch therapeutic boarding schools.  Our youth residential treatment programs are designed for students that need extra care.  We offer many of the same benefits of the different schools for troubled boys, but we offer much more.  In our program, kids receive stability, discipline, encouragement, insight, and have the opportunity to explore the underlying cause for their problems and work toward overcoming those problems.

We are very confident in our residential treatment centers as a healthy alternative to schools for troubled boys.  Our programs were created to provide what other behavioral youth programs were lacking and we strive to be the best.  If you are looking for the right kind of treatment for a struggling young man, please contact us now.  Let us tell you what our programs can do for you and your child.  There is no better time than right now for your child to start growing academically, emotionally, and personally.  Please contact us now!

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